In view of the importance of child development at a very early age, Al-Mustaqbal Schools Kindergarten and Nursery adapted a modern educational approach based on active learning, self-learning and learning through play.

Our goal is to develop the child’s personality and ability by allowing the child to absorb the activities of their surrounding through mental, cognitive, sensory, physical and social characteristics. These goals are achieved by establishing several activity centers to help the child's development in the arts, nature, movement, music, storytelling, theatre, fiction, and computers, in addition to the Arabic and English languages. This method in used in the child’s three stages of growth in KG1, KG2 and preschool.

The kindergarten and nursery facilities are equipped with internal and external game rooms and a heated indoor swimming pool, and we provide a range of supporting activities such as school plays, leisure visits and field trips to enhance the development of the child’s aptitude.

We have a great team of teachers and teacher’s assistants who are specialized in various areas of child development with the focus on building the child's physical and mental abilities in order to become an active member in society and at home. We also have an onsite medical clinic and a qualified full-time nurse who monitors the children's health status and provides them with necessary services when needed.

We believe in effective communication and interaction with parents regarding their children’s development and growth in the school and at home.

  • Kindergarten Stages

    • KG1: the minimum age for entry is 2 1/2 years old
    • KG2: the minimum age for entry is 3 1/2 years old
    • KG3 (Preschool): the minimum age for entry is 2 1/2 years old
Primary Level
Grade 1 - 4
Secondary Level
Grade 5 - 12
Activities & Events